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Zoud Real Estate K.S.C.C.

Zoud Real Estate, a subsidiary of KGL, has become a prime mover in planning and implementing all real estate activities in support of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) paradigm at KGL. The company is headquartered in Kuwait, with operations covering the GCC and Egypt.

Zoud’s core business encompasses the investment, development, management of real estate projects and infrastructure, with a special emphasis on SCM related projects.

Zoud specializes in developing assets including labor accommodation, warehouses, bus terminals, parking lots for trucks and other equipment, offices, as well as the entire spectrum of logistics parks and in investing in ports under development.

Zoud Real Estate K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box 24565 Safat, 13106 Kuwait
Tel: +965 1888 700
Fax:+965 2484 5926
شركة الكويت والخليج لخدمات النقل
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