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Kuwait has enjoyed an excellent relationship with the United States since its forces liberated Kuwait in 1991. For the last two decades, our countries have worked together to facilitate security and stability in this region, and recent developments in the region have only strengthened that relationship. Whether providing logistics and other supply chain services, or sponsoring events for the US troops, KGL is proud of its history in supporting the United States and its Coalition partners since 1994.

KGL had grown from a small stevedoring company in the 1960’s to a major transportation services provider by the late 1980’s. The invasion of Kuwait in 1990 decimated Kuwait’s business infrastructure, and private businesses were forced to rebuild after Kuwait’s liberation in 1991. KGL subsequently rebuilt its company and asset base, and through its operational expertise, provided support to rebuild the country over the next decade. KGL has never forgotten the sacrifices made by the United States and its personnel in supporting Kuwait, and we have worked as a partner alongside the US Military since 1994 to ensure its mission objectives were achieved.

In 2003, Kuwait provided the primary logistics platform for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), led by the US Armed Forces into Iraq. KGL was the first company to provide transportation and logistics services to the US and Coalition Forces during their push into Iraq. Vehicles and heavy equipment provided throughout 2003 exceeded 30,000 mission days, which included the use of over 15,000 flatbed truck mission days, over 5,500 low bed truck mission days and over 10,000 passenger bus mission days. Additionally, KGL provided food distribution services in Iraq under the United Nations’ World Food Program. KGL’s assets and infrastructure proved to be a force multiplier  for the US-led Coalition that no other company could provide, and our partnership continues today.

Throughout the years, KGL has been awarded various citations and commendations by the US and Coalition Forces for its role in providing logistics support in the line of fire. KGL continues to work alongside the US Military in all areas of battlefield support, and we are proud of our continued service as a strategic partner on the battlefield.

شركة الكويت والخليج لخدمات النقل
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